Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hand tools and gloves/safety gear on the South side of town!

We've brought in some quality hand tools, gloves, hearing protection and more to save folks a trip across town. If there are other items you'd like to see, let us know!

Motor won't stay revved up?

On most commercial motors, for instance this Honda GX motor, there is a friction adjustment nut somewhere on the throttle system. It will typically be either at the fulcrum of the throttle lever itself, or at the fulcrum of the throttle lever on the motor. On this Honda GX (and most other Honda GX motors) it is located at the throttle lever on the motor, it is the nut in the center of this picture located between the muffler, air filter and fuel tank. If your throttle won't stay revved up tighten this nut slightly, if it is too hard to move the lever, loosen it up a touch. A little bit of movement on the nut makes a big difference so don't expect to turn it more than half a rotation maximum.
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