Friday, April 5, 2013

Now offering a broader mower lineup!

See the new mower lineup at our Open House tomorrow!

     There are some changes coming, we're adding Ariens and Gravely mowers to our line-up! This broadens our mower line into the more affordable market. We're still offering the Exmark line for those seeking the best money can buy. Additionally, we're going to move our mower parts and repair focus to just these three brands. We've been trying to help keep a broad range of mowers going, but the time has come to offer better service on a few brands, and eliminate the challenge of trying to maintain parts inventory and the service knowledge  tools and training required to service them all. We'd prefer to be great at a few versus mediocre at them all.
     This is all part of our conscious effort to be "subtractive" this year. We feel this will enable us to provide a better experience for our customers and employee's alike. This has no effect on our contractor and industrial equipment repair other than to possibly speed things up through the shop.