Saturday, March 17, 2018

What was written?

I remember reading many years ago that what gets written down gets done.

This is something that I can say is certainly true. It is why I have a “to-do” list that is created at the beginning of every week. On my list are things I need to get done this week and to get on the list it needs to be something that gets me closer to my goals.

Life will fill in any uncommitted time, it just happens. The 7 winners of our Tim Allen @ the Hult Center ticket give away can attest to that.

You can either let life run you or you chose to run life, and something as simple as a weekly to-do list can make the difference. 

This week like the past few, most of my list has revolved around payments, shipping, confirming model numbers and more all related to the new equipment we are purchasing to add to our rental inventory. Adding $600,000 plus worth of equipment takes some effort. 

5 New excavators
1 9000# skid steer
1 3500# stand on skid steer
1 Tractor
1 60’ boom lift
2 walk behind trenchers
2 rough terrain scissor lifts
1 wood splitter
1 sod cutter
2 drain snakes
1 laser level
1 locator system
1 rototiller
1 mud buggy (picture an oversized wheel barrow on tracks that drives to the desired location and you can tip it using hydraulics to the left, front, or right side)
1 tall grass mower

All of this will be coming in over the next 6 weeks or so. 

The sad part is, many who want to rent this equipment will just assume it will be there when they drive in to rent it. The smart folks will have called in and reserved it. 

The reservation will be written, the equipment will be available for them when they want it. 

If my projections are correct based on over all economic conditions, County permit values, conversations with contractors and other customers, this will be a busy year. Whatever your plans are for property improvements or repair, you’d best get ahead of it this year.

To delay could add untold challenges.

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Win tickets to see the other Tim Allen at the Hult Center!

Corny maybe, but I loved the TV show “Home Improvement”.

I’m sure the similar name of the lead actor played a role, but the guy played with tools and “hopped up” everything he put his hands to. 

The lawn mower.


Belt sander.

If it was mechanical, he’d figure out a way to give it MORE POWER! Usually in a spectacular failure fashion, but fun none the less. 

This coming weekend, (the other) Tim Allen is doing his standup routine at the Hult Center, and today is your last day to enter to win tickets from us.

The local radio stations have been marketing this for us and the commercial is pretty good. There is a signup box at both the Roseburg store and the Myrtle Creek/Tri City store. If he is someone you’d like to see, please figure out a way to get into one of the stores and get signed up today. 

I did try to get him to work with us at any level related to our equipment, and really wish we could have gotten somewhere. I’d have really enjoyed him driving an excavator or skid steer around on the back lot.

Really there isn’t much value in this one for most of you on the list today, but you are getting to learn more about me and the failure’s and success I experienced along the way. 

Like the other Tim Allen I love MORE POWER and have built some pretty cool stuff over the years. If you too are into hot rodding, let me hear about it. 

You won’t find any performance modifications on our rental equipment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them!

Have a tool or equipment need coming up? We’d appreciate your business

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Best way to increase your home value.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, these are interesting times aren’t they.

If your home is like ours, there is some deferred maintenance that could potentially push a financing company away from the table, or buyers to a home down the street. 

The question is, if you are looking to sell, what renovations have the highest ROI (return on investment) right now? Once you get past the “have to do’s”, what can you invest in to help sell the house and recoup the most money?

I’ve followed this over the years and what I can tell you is that the list changes over time, and by market. 

Nothing I’m about to mention should take the place of advise from a trusted real estate market professional. Chances are good though, that most of the items on this list will be on theirs. If not, you may want to consider a second opinion. 

One that always seems to rise to the top is a front entrance work over, metal doors and a window surround are the current trend. Others on the list include garage doors, siding (with stone veneer being preferred), and minor kitchen remodels. 

Thinking a little deeper, you may be able to use this same list to help negotiate a purchase too. If something here hasn’t been done already, you could ask the seller to have it done, or negotiate a greater reduction in price based on facts you can prove. 

As always, knowledge is …..?

Along this theme, how about a weekend special on something that could help with some of the projects on the list? How about a tile saw for the entire weekend for just $39?

Same rules apply, only one available at this price, first come first served, you have to mention the Newsletter special, damage waiver isn’t available, you need to return it by 9am Monday morning. Pretty hard to beat for just $39 bucks.

The weather is supposed to be good this weekend, hopefully you’ll be able to do something to make your space a better place! 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

How much is YOUR time worth?

I’ve seen this in countless business books, and it changed my life.

The easiest way to determine your number is to look at your most recent tax return, the line that reads adjusted gross income, and divide that by the number of hours you worked last year. That is how much an hour of your time is worth.

How many hours do you have left? 

Well none of us know that number, but it does help put things into clearer perspective. Are you happy with that number?

The most common mistake I see (in my opinion) is that people put far more effort into monitoring and limiting expenses, and not enough time into growing income. 

You see focusing on expenses is limiting, you can only get so far, your income is the ceiling. Now think about increasing income, there really is no limit. A person that is good at generating income can overcome mistakes on the expense side and still be ahead at the end of the day. 

That doesn’t mean you should neglect being aware of expenses and making good use of your money, but I don’t think it should be your primary focus. In my opinion you should be putting more energy into increasing profitable income than you do focusing on expenses. 

This also doesn’t mean you should chase shiny objects by jumping at every opportunity that comes along. 

Be methodical in determining what you enjoy doing and what of those things is your most profitable work. The more you can narrow that down, and become the expert, the more you’ll be able to command for that service. 

The specialist always earns more than the generalist. 

You’ve heard me say this before, but every year, look at the 10% of your work that was least profitable or enjoyable, eliminate it and replace it with further refinement of what your best at and enjoy the most. 

Little changes, big impact. 

Our tools and equipment are an example of something you could be delegating if it makes sense. It is what we specialize in. We’re not going to build the buildings, sprinkler systems, or rework the facilities. We do keep our fleet current and well maintained so you don’t have to worry about that part. 

Now, what will you do to increase that number we talked about? 

Have a tool or equipment need coming up? We’d appreciate your business

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shocked on the job site.

If I were to ask you the most commons ways Construction people are shocked on the job site, what would you guess?

I was surprised to learn the number 2 most common way is actually poking through a wall or floor to hit something hidden behind. Drills, various saws, jackhammers, or even sledgehammers are all ways people manage to come in contact with energized electrical lines.

The other ways folks get hit are more common sense to me. 

The chilling part? How many times have you poked a hole through a wall without checking behind it? I know I’ve done it a lot. 

A few years ago I purchased a “stud finder” to help me locate the studs behind some drywall so that I could hang something, don’t remember what specifically, but it also had on it a setting for checking for electrical. The thing was dirt cheap and worked great, I really recommend getting one and using it, if even just hanging picture’s.

When it comes to digging though? 

That’s a hole different story, and one our community has had a really hard time finding the tools to help beyond dialing 811 (used to be called one call) which will only take you up to your meters typically. 

Gas line or electrical run to the garage? No help. 

Gutter drains? Still no help. 

Sewer? Same.

We’re going to help you with that.. 

I just purchased one of the nicest locating systems on the market and it will soon be available for rent. 

The Vermeer Corp. was doing a demo of one of these at a conference I went to in the Tri Cities area of Washington this Fall, and the new technology was simply amazing. Capable of looking well over 16’ into the ground, the tool is accurate both laterally (side to side) but also depth wise. A skilled person could get to within ¼” of where the sought after line is. Please don’t risk testing that, it isn’t worth the risk, but understand it will get you darn close. 

This could help you locate any metal line, any electrical, or even non-conductive lines that you could send something metal down like a drain snake or an electrical snake. 

The nicest thing about it? SUPER simple to use.

I’ll let you know when we have our hands on it and it is available. Know you have a job for it and want it as soon as it gets here? Reply with an email and I will get you on the pre-market list. You can learn more aboout this tool here >

Until then? Get that stud finder with the electrical line sensor in it, its money well spent. I don’t want to read about you or yours getting hurt. 

Have a tool or equipment need coming up? We’d appreciate your business

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Monday, March 5, 2018

700+ opportunities all in one spot.

What do you get out of us attending The Rental Show?

I will probably never forget the first time I walked onto the floor of The Rental Show for the first time. This is a buying opportunity for us like no other. When we have 700 plus vendors competing for our business all at the same time in the same place, it is going to be competitive. 

That competition translates into better rental rates and more opportunities for you. 

When I go there, the only thing on my mind is what can I bring to our market that you need most. We track this through “missed rentals” which could be either because we didn’t own what you requested or we didn’t own enough of them and what we had was already out on rent when you called. 

We invested big this year. I believe you and I are in the middle of a great few years economically. If you want more specifics on why, hit me up with an email and I’ll go into more detail. 

What can you do maximize your opportunities? 

To this day one of my biggest marketing mistakes was not knowing when to invest. I don’t care how good your advertising is, you’re not going to sell paint sprayers in January in Oregon. Lesson learned. 

Taking this concept further, what kind of work do you enjoy doing the most and which is more profitable? While the economy supports it, this is the time to fine tune your business. If you’re tracking your numbers (something I highly recommend) you will know what work is the most profitable. Is there a niche in there that you could explore to further separate yourself from the crowd driving up demand for what you’re doing?

A safe way to do that is to rent the equipment needed to explore those niche’s. This should be a small amount of your time and energy. I try to focus only about 10-20% annually on these new opportunities. You make time and resources available by dropping the 10-20% of your business that is either not profitable or not enjoyable. 

A little behind the scene’s insight for those of you who might not be in business. 

It still applies.

Look at what you’re doing daily. Annually, make a plan to stop doing 10% of it and intentionally replace it with something you think would bring more value to your time. It can be life altering.

Ready to talk about that niche, or better your space? Give us a call at 541-492-RENT (7368). 

Until then, I hope you got something from this. Most will simply be happy with things moving in a positive direction. Some of you will leverage the opportunity. A small change that can yield massive results. Your choice. 
Real live people by phone.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Do your competitors own or rent the equipment you see on the job site?

The answer may surprise you.

There was a time when the “little guy” felt intimidated by the “big guys” that owned their equipment. If you haven’t been paying attention, you should know that times have changed.

According to a lot of recent research, more are renting than own the equipment you see on the job site. 

While this may or may not be the case for you, I wanted to share some of the more common reasons this number is steadily rising. If you are considering purchasing a new or used piece of equipment, consider this;

• If you are shopping the used equipment market, what you are looking at is likely not Tier 4 emissions compliant. Today that means you can’t use your equipment on most federally owned land. I suspect our State will soon follow and have heard of private entities requiring the same. 
• New equipment that is Tier 4 compliant requires a much higher level of expertise to diagnose and repair than the older equipment did. These expenses aren’t usually predictable and are hard to include in a job bid. 
• Technology is changing fast, what is acceptable technology to be competitive today, likely won’t be just 5 years from now. Will you eat the depreciation and buy new again so soon? When things didn’t change a lot from one year to the next, there wasn’t near the push to stay updated as there is now. 
• If you are growing your business, does this include moving into new geographical area’s? How will you move your equipment to the next location? Transporting heavy equipment requires a lot whether you hire it out or do it on your own. 
• Simple accounting and bidding. Rental costs have a lot less variability in them. In most cases X days = X cost. Add your margin to it and you have your line item for equipment costs. 

The list goes on from here, but these are the biggest reasons more equipment on the job site is now rented rather than owned. Currently the number is 53%, but it is steadily rising. 

Take some pressure off of yourself, let us handle the equipment expense, maintenance, storage, depreciation, and most repair costs. You mark up the rental cost and make money on it. 

The same applies to the homeowner. Storage and maintenance are the two killers for you. 

I can’t begin to tell you how many service requests we get for fouled fuel systems that sat too long. The shelf life of gas isn’t near what it used to be. We have had fuel go bad in as little as 30 days.

Rent it or own it? There are good reasons the majority are now renting.

When you are ready, remember our number 541-492-RENT (7368). 

Real live people by phone.

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