Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Your new equipment is arriving!

The Vermeer location equipment showed up along with a host of other items.

While half of it still hasn’t arrived, we have received a new Kubota tractor with backhoe attachment, a Vermeer diesel stand on skid steer, 3 new Kubota excavators and a couple of new drain snakes. By the end of this week we should see another excavator, a powered dump tracked mud buggy, and another tall grass ride on mower. 

Later this month or early next month we should see 2 Barreto trenchers, a wood splitter, 2 Haulotte Bil-Jax rough terrain scissor lifts, and a 60’ stick boom.

To help you in tight work area’s the new Kubota U17 at 4000 lbs. is a low tail swing machine with tracks that slide out for more stability or in for a narrower overall width to get through smaller gates and such. For the Roseburg store we’re bringing you a 12,000 lb. excavator too, that’s a pretty heavy machine so most folks would need to have that one delivered. 

The Vermeer stand on skid steer is quite a bit heavier than the Toro Dingo so it is able to help you lift almost twice as much weight. All of our attachments like the post hole auger, trencher, and forks are interchangeable from the Dingo so you can use any of those as well. 

I’ll let you know when the rest arrives.

Have you been able to enjoy the nicer weather? I finally got my grass all knocked down and was able to enjoy a much needed afternoon outside. 

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A 2% change is coming.

Nobody likes taxes, well I guess those that get to spend it may be an exception…

HB 4139 was just signed by the Governor and it is going to effect equipment rental in Oregon. Starting next year heavy equipment rental companies will begin adding a 2% tax to every rental contract. So far it appears party and event rentals will be excluded. 

Something you may not know is that the owners of the equipment you rent currently pay property tax on that equipment similar to what you may be paying on your home. 

Think about that tax bill for a minute, how many dollars of equipment are in the average rental stores inventory? Each piece of equipment is assessed a value each year by the County Tax Assessor too. Just our inventory has several hundred items that have to have a depreciation schedule created and updated annually as well as removing items that are sold, lost, damaged beyond repair and the new replacement items. It is a complex mess for them and us. 

HB 4139 cleans all of this up and makes the tax transparent. 

So, while you may not appreciate seeing that tax line item, it has already been a piece of the transaction, now you’ll just see it. 

I’d prefer Oregon were like most States that treat the equipment as inventory for sale (most of it is sold eventually anyway) and the massive capital investment in rental inventory weren’t taxed at all. Knowing we’ll never see that out of our current leaders in Salem, this will at least make our job little easier. 

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