Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A medical education facility in Roseburg Oregon could help alleviate the health care worker crisis in rural Oregon.

Sitting on the City of Roseburg Economic Development Commission, being a founding member of the Umpqua Basin Economic Alliance, an executive member of the Douglas County Partnership for Economic Development and its sub committee Med. Ed. ( medical education ) it is fair to say I have a keen interest in promoting economic development for the greater Roseburg area.

The Med. Ed concept is one of the most significant opportunities to come from all of these efforts. A Medical Education facility here in Roseburg could be both a game changer for our economy, and a huge benefit to the medical community here in rural Southern Oregon.

From veterans care facilities to your local options for a general practitioner, we're coming into a crisis as it relates to health care workers. 

The medical education facility concept in Roseburg Oregon aims to help ease the burden of too few trained healthcare workers. 

Rural Oregon needs and deserves current, timely health care for our veterans and the general population. We need and deserve this care in our own communities. The burden of travel expenses, travel time, and a non local atmosphere aren't in our best interest. The rural Oregon Medical Education facility aims to change that.

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Tim Allen