Monday, February 29, 2016

Millennials stuck living with parents?

I read an interesting article this morning about the number of Millennials that are still living with their parents and the impact it is having on the housing market. 

This leaves me wondering if this is a new permenant or if this is pent up demand that will push the housing market to higher ground at some point. Either option could have an impact on your business, how can you plan for both?

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is at best mid level but more likely entry level home buyers at some point. When they enter the market, are they going to try to find their way into the urban property owner group or will they once again make a move for more independence and shift toward rural settings? If history repeats itself I believe you will see this then more matured demographic move at least toward the suburbs if not full on rural. 

If your interested in the entire article you can find it here >

There are some implications coming, contemplating them beforehand will place you in a better position to take advantage of the opportunity when it arrives.

-Tim Allen-

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Save money and spread your rental costs out over a year?

Do you dread the rental bill when it is time to take care of things like yard prep every year?

If you want a great looking yard, it requires maintenance. Things like aerating, dethaching and over seeding. That's easily more than a hundred bucks.

Now imagine paying $10/mo. and not having to cough up the dough all at once, that $120 all goes toward any rentals that year. Better yet, for making the commitment to keep your yard nice you get to save an additional 10% off of every rental for the rest of the year? 

What are your thoughts, is this a program you'd like to see us start? 

Comment here or send me an email at and let us know :) I'll give you $10 bucks off your next rental just for sharing your opinion!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rental equipment professionals.

As I sit here in the hotel room on my last day in Atlanta Ga., I'm reflecting on the opportunities I've experienced attending The Rental Show 2016.

This show brings the best of the best in the equipment rental industry to one location for about 3 days a year. I attend because I want to learn from the best. Whether attending a training session, talking at a show booth or networking in the after hours networking events, this show offers more value than any other event I participate in all year long. 

For the 2016 show I was selected as a panelist for the General Tool Town Hall session. Being front and center of a crowd of around 400 talking about my business practices and experience isn't something I'd anticipated in my career. I've got to say it was a fantastic experience. The people who put together @therentalshow2016 and those attending the session are simply a cut above, as has been my experience with the entire American Rental Association. 

That takes me to today. 

I'm going home with a clearer picture of where I plan to take my business over the course of the next year and frankly further into the future. After talking to other rental store owners and operators, I've developed a focus that has been missing for the past three years as I struggled with "now what" after reaching my 10 year goals for the company.

Now is my chance to say thanks. I really appreciate all of the ARA staff, volunteers, fellow store owners and certainly vendors for taking their time out to help move the profession forward. The association and industry operate at a level others aspire to, no doubt because of your efforts. I look forward to working along side you long into the future!

-Tim Allen-

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fuel injection for your lawn mower baby!

Check out these cutaway pictures of the new Briggs & Stratton fuel injected motor!

Very cool to see technology proven in the automotive market brought over to small engines. 

Having a strong background in automotive fuel infection I can tell you this is a great move that's going to help solve a lot of long standing problems brought on with the introduction of methanol dilution in our fuel.