Sunday, February 28, 2016

Save money and spread your rental costs out over a year?

Do you dread the rental bill when it is time to take care of things like yard prep every year?

If you want a great looking yard, it requires maintenance. Things like aerating, dethaching and over seeding. That's easily more than a hundred bucks.

Now imagine paying $10/mo. and not having to cough up the dough all at once, that $120 all goes toward any rentals that year. Better yet, for making the commitment to keep your yard nice you get to save an additional 10% off of every rental for the rest of the year? 

What are your thoughts, is this a program you'd like to see us start? 

Comment here or send me an email at and let us know :) I'll give you $10 bucks off your next rental just for sharing your opinion!

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