Saturday, May 3, 2014

Good things happening....

So this week I've spent about 13 hours involved with four different community events;

Attended an after hours entrepreneur event where after some networking a local winery owner talked about his experiences as a business owner. 

Discussion with a COO of a local non-profit talking about (community) collective impact.

Had a great time working with some great folks doing a fundraiser for Special Olympics.

Went to a community wealth building seminar.

Every one of these brought some really good lessons. The trick is to put yourself into these kind of positions and not just join in the conversation, but to really listen and participate. It is one thing to network at these sort of events, but I can tell you first hand networking just scrapes the surface of the value a person can get with time commitment. I guess a pet peeve is hearing folks talk about spending time networking in various venue's and not getting enough value from it. 

In my experience, participation and really listening is the key. Not in the thinking about what your going to say next mode while waiting for the next pause to speak, but really listening. 

There is amazing talent all around this area. Most of the folks are willing to give freely of their knowledge and experience. With over 150 different non-profits in the area, there is bound to be some kind of effort you could get behind.