Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tall grass leaving you short tempered?

Not long ago we talked about our walk behind tall grass brush cutters. What if you didn’t have to walk at all?

Do you ever run a weedeater on slopes that take all day to knock down and leaves your hands tingling for the next few hours?

How about a walk behind or even riding mower that plugs up in the grass chute every 2 minute’s or burns the belts off of the deck?

Welcome the Canycom ride on brush cutter.

With features more like a high end 4 wheel drive tractor, but with a very low center of gravity, you can now drive in many places you used to have to walk. Not only is it much easier, but you’ll be done and firing up the BBQ before your neighbor refills his weedeater for the 3rd time of many more. 

We know you like it when our competitors are calling up asking about it. To date no one else in the area has been willing to brunt the expense to bring in an equivalent, our second should be showing up any day. 

That being said, with two stores now and a much bigger geographical foot print we are responsible for, there will be many times when these won’t be available for walk in requests. Make a reservation. 

For a video demonstration check out this link where I demo’d it for the first time on a 20 degree sloped riverbank. I’m starting out pretty cautious, but after running it for a while and building trust in it, that thing was right at home even on that steep of a slope. 

If details like locking differential, four wheel drive, two speed transfer case are your thing, its got all of them. For everyone else, just know when the levers are in the right place this thing gets around like a goat. 

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