Monday, April 2, 2018

Did you see it? It blew by this weekend.

The first quarter of the year, Easter, and April fools all blew by this weekend.

You’d have thought with all that was going on that this weekend would have been a moderately busy one, but we were really hopping all day Friday and Saturday.

This reinforces what I’d mentioned in the last email, reservations are going to be important this year. 

You were renting rototiller’s, towable boom lifts, tractors, excavators and anything that would cut grass. In fact the tall grass mower even has our competitors calling to see what that awesome mower is people have been renting from us. When you’ve already got that mower out knocking down grass and someone else stops in to rent it, well they are out of luck and begin calling around to see if anyone else has one. 

Here in a couple of weeks, we’ll be receiving another one, so that will take some of the pressure off. 

The other mowers you can really knock tall grass down with are the walk behind flail mowers. Track driven and self propelled, I can tell you from experience that they will maneuver almost anywhere your able to walk. 

Mower didn’t start and its in for repairs? When your grass isn’t too tall (under 6”) we have a couple of regular mowers you can rent to keep things from getting out of hand. We don’t offer damage waiver on these because too many people either try to cut grass that is too tall, or mow area’s they don’t want to take their own mower. Its not what their for and either of the previous options will work much better for you. 

 Have some blackberry brush taking over parts of your property? A mechanic I had mentioned using our weed eater with the hedge clipper attachment on it and I was blown away by how well it worked. If you’re tired of getting shredded using hand tools, look into this. For bigger jobs, you just can’t beat the Bobcat with the brush cutter attachment. This is the tool you’d use to clear acres of brush. 

August and fire season will be on us before you know it, you know what that means. Don’t let time slip by and have to push your luck later. 

My advice? Whether buy equipment, rent or pay someone else to do it, get the grass down. It’s a whole lot easier (and safer) while it is still green.  

Have a tool or equipment need coming up? We’d appreciate your business

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