Friday, March 30, 2018

What time of year will you have the hardest time making a reservation?

I’ll admit it, I am a data junky.

When you are as passionate about bringing value to your time as I am, you know standing in line isn’t time well spent. 

So that begs the question, when is the hardest time to get an equipment reservation? What do I need to know?

For the past 5 years May is the busiest month, meaning you’ll have the hardest time finding the equipment you need. UNLESS, you were smart enough to make a reservation. 

It is almost like a crystal ball, those who are smart enough to make the reservation will end the year being one of the most profitable businesses, one of the folks with the best yard, one of the folks with the most quality time to spend with their families. 

The most surprising part? You don’t need to make a reservation a month in advance, a week will usually do it, and even a couple of days will be more successful than not. 

It makes a person wonder, is it that simple elsewhere in life? Is it really that easy?

My experience has been yes; Show up for the appointment, on time. Be the person that asks, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Spend a few minute’s learning something new. Be the one that reaches out to help instead of trying to grab something for yourself. 

The year will play out like this. In April we will see the cream of the crop making reservations and getting started on getting things done. In May, those same folks will be making money, creating better spaces and generating positive word of mouth, free marketing. Others will be chasing their tail disappointed that there isn’t more available and blaming others for the lack of resources. In June the early second wind that was behind in May will have made reservations and finally getting their projects underway. Those who are in 3rd position will begin to give up, and making a lot of excuses for why they didn’t get more done. The early adopters are looking forward to some weekends off, spending time with family, and seeing the fruits of their work play out. The remainder of the season is spent repeating itself. 

The early adopters are making more money, have more time off, and are much more relaxed. 

The slow adopters are chasing their tail, make less money and have much more stress trying to explain to their customers why the neighbors job is done but theirs isn’t.

I guess that is one of the secrets. Successful people don’t actually work harder, they just plan better. 

We’ve spent all Winter getting ready. The next step is yours.

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