Saturday, March 17, 2018

Win tickets to see the other Tim Allen at the Hult Center!

Corny maybe, but I loved the TV show “Home Improvement”.

I’m sure the similar name of the lead actor played a role, but the guy played with tools and “hopped up” everything he put his hands to. 

The lawn mower.


Belt sander.

If it was mechanical, he’d figure out a way to give it MORE POWER! Usually in a spectacular failure fashion, but fun none the less. 

This coming weekend, (the other) Tim Allen is doing his standup routine at the Hult Center, and today is your last day to enter to win tickets from us.

The local radio stations have been marketing this for us and the commercial is pretty good. There is a signup box at both the Roseburg store and the Myrtle Creek/Tri City store. If he is someone you’d like to see, please figure out a way to get into one of the stores and get signed up today. 

I did try to get him to work with us at any level related to our equipment, and really wish we could have gotten somewhere. I’d have really enjoyed him driving an excavator or skid steer around on the back lot.

Really there isn’t much value in this one for most of you on the list today, but you are getting to learn more about me and the failure’s and success I experienced along the way. 

Like the other Tim Allen I love MORE POWER and have built some pretty cool stuff over the years. If you too are into hot rodding, let me hear about it. 

You won’t find any performance modifications on our rental equipment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them!

Have a tool or equipment need coming up? We’d appreciate your business

Roseburg 541-492-7368

Myrtle Creek 541-863-4385

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