Monday, March 5, 2018

700+ opportunities all in one spot.

What do you get out of us attending The Rental Show?

I will probably never forget the first time I walked onto the floor of The Rental Show for the first time. This is a buying opportunity for us like no other. When we have 700 plus vendors competing for our business all at the same time in the same place, it is going to be competitive. 

That competition translates into better rental rates and more opportunities for you. 

When I go there, the only thing on my mind is what can I bring to our market that you need most. We track this through “missed rentals” which could be either because we didn’t own what you requested or we didn’t own enough of them and what we had was already out on rent when you called. 

We invested big this year. I believe you and I are in the middle of a great few years economically. If you want more specifics on why, hit me up with an email and I’ll go into more detail. 

What can you do maximize your opportunities? 

To this day one of my biggest marketing mistakes was not knowing when to invest. I don’t care how good your advertising is, you’re not going to sell paint sprayers in January in Oregon. Lesson learned. 

Taking this concept further, what kind of work do you enjoy doing the most and which is more profitable? While the economy supports it, this is the time to fine tune your business. If you’re tracking your numbers (something I highly recommend) you will know what work is the most profitable. Is there a niche in there that you could explore to further separate yourself from the crowd driving up demand for what you’re doing?

A safe way to do that is to rent the equipment needed to explore those niche’s. This should be a small amount of your time and energy. I try to focus only about 10-20% annually on these new opportunities. You make time and resources available by dropping the 10-20% of your business that is either not profitable or not enjoyable. 

A little behind the scene’s insight for those of you who might not be in business. 

It still applies.

Look at what you’re doing daily. Annually, make a plan to stop doing 10% of it and intentionally replace it with something you think would bring more value to your time. It can be life altering.

Ready to talk about that niche, or better your space? Give us a call at 541-492-RENT (7368). 

Until then, I hope you got something from this. Most will simply be happy with things moving in a positive direction. Some of you will leverage the opportunity. A small change that can yield massive results. Your choice. 
Real live people by phone.

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