Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shocked on the job site.

If I were to ask you the most commons ways Construction people are shocked on the job site, what would you guess?

I was surprised to learn the number 2 most common way is actually poking through a wall or floor to hit something hidden behind. Drills, various saws, jackhammers, or even sledgehammers are all ways people manage to come in contact with energized electrical lines.

The other ways folks get hit are more common sense to me. 

The chilling part? How many times have you poked a hole through a wall without checking behind it? I know I’ve done it a lot. 

A few years ago I purchased a “stud finder” to help me locate the studs behind some drywall so that I could hang something, don’t remember what specifically, but it also had on it a setting for checking for electrical. The thing was dirt cheap and worked great, I really recommend getting one and using it, if even just hanging picture’s.

When it comes to digging though? 

That’s a hole different story, and one our community has had a really hard time finding the tools to help beyond dialing 811 (used to be called one call) which will only take you up to your meters typically. 

Gas line or electrical run to the garage? No help. 

Gutter drains? Still no help. 

Sewer? Same.

We’re going to help you with that.. 

I just purchased one of the nicest locating systems on the market and it will soon be available for rent. 

The Vermeer Corp. was doing a demo of one of these at a conference I went to in the Tri Cities area of Washington this Fall, and the new technology was simply amazing. Capable of looking well over 16’ into the ground, the tool is accurate both laterally (side to side) but also depth wise. A skilled person could get to within ¼” of where the sought after line is. Please don’t risk testing that, it isn’t worth the risk, but understand it will get you darn close. 

This could help you locate any metal line, any electrical, or even non-conductive lines that you could send something metal down like a drain snake or an electrical snake. 

The nicest thing about it? SUPER simple to use.

I’ll let you know when we have our hands on it and it is available. Know you have a job for it and want it as soon as it gets here? Reply with an email and I will get you on the pre-market list. You can learn more aboout this tool here >

Until then? Get that stud finder with the electrical line sensor in it, its money well spent. I don’t want to read about you or yours getting hurt. 

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