Friday, April 13, 2018

The step beyond networking where real value comes from.

Networking is worthless, its like studying all year but never taking action. I don’t care what you do, until value is created through action, nothing is gained. 

Why then are there all of these networking events, training, etc.?

Somewhere along the way I developed a reputation for being a good “networker”, well connected, blah, blah. It isn’t the networking, it is the partnerships that come out of it that hold value. You can network until your blue in the face, but if you aren’t willing to put in the work to partner with others, helping them succeed, your wasting time. 

One example of a great partnership we have going is with the best local agriculture and tractor equipment dealer in town Umpqua Valley Tractor, and this weekend they are having a “field day” you should look into if your able. 

When we need a part or service advice, these guys provide stellar service. That helps us keep our customers happy. In return, we buy most of our tractors, excavators and skid-steers from them. 

Wondering if a certain tractor would work in your application? You can prove it by renting one first instead of investing in the purchase of something that may not work out. Job too big for one excavator, but can’t justify owning two? If you run Kubota equipment, you can put your employee’s into an excavator they are already familiar with. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to read between the lines here… If you want to move beyond networking, this is how. 

Want to know more about that event this weekend? Hope on over to this Facebook page >

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