Monday, March 21, 2016

Biz N Brewz with some of the worlds greatest marketers!

They say that one of the best ways to grow is to be in a room full of people smarter than yourself, this weekend I knocked it out of the park!

When you have names like Ben Settle, Ryan Stewman, Vicki IrvinDanielle Lynn, Justin Devonshire,
Kamala Chambers, Shane Hunter, Ray Higdon, Brian Keith Noonan, Dan Meredith (who due to a family emergency attended via live video feed), Luis Congdon and Christopher John Stubbs in the room sharing their stories and tips on how to better your marketing, you do best to just sit back and learn. 

One of my biggest take aways from the event was just how important it is to be authentic, be the real you in everything you put out. 

Interestingly enough one of the speakers pretty clearly explained that we should keep in mind that we are always growing, evolving, changing, and our online presence should reflect that. If we're not seeing that in our work, perhaps we aren't being completely honest. Maybe we are more showing the world what we want them to think we are rather than what we truly are. A pretty deep thought indeed. 

Meeting new people is always interesting. Meeting people who are having a positive impact is especially rewarding. Being in the room with folks who engage at this level, in an intimate setting enjoying a brew together, well, that's Biz N Brewz. is the brainchild of one of our towns own, Jodi Ardito. It was impressive to see her gather people from literally the world over to attend. I am proud to say though, our very own town of Roseburg Oregon had the largest number of attendee's. 

Who could benefit from attending Biz N Brewz 2017? If you use my measure of trying to be in the room with folks smarter than you, well that means most of us. Click the link, and decide for yourself. 

-Tim Allen-

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