Sunday, February 11, 2018

3 ways to save $ on your next rental

Just this week I saw another example of someone spending more than they needed to, and this time quite a bit because it was a large piece of equipment, simply because of poor awareness of the rental pricing system. 

In this case, it was a large 8000# reach forklift that was returned after 2 weeks and 2 days. 

Now maybe this guy didn’t have room on the worksite for something that big to be just hanging around, there are certainly times when that or fear of loss, damage etc., might be good reasons to not take advantage of the discounts. 

#1 way to save - you should know the rate variables for the the specific item you are renting. Most equipment will have pretty steep discounts compared to hourly when held longer. Ours are typically at 1 day versus ½ day, one week versus daily, and monthly versus weekly. 

Had this guy held on to the item for 2 more days he could have gotten the equivalent of 9 free days. That’s not chump change on an item that large. 

#2 way to save - have your worksite prepped ahead of time. You’d be surprised at the number of people who will rent a paint sprayer and not have their doors, windows and trim masked off. This same thing applies to almost everything you do. 

#3 way to save - size the equipment correctly. Power washers are a great example, for around 25% more money you get double the productivity when you rent the large versus the small. Pay for and clean everything in one day with the large, or two days with the small? If the project could be done with something larger, it will almost always cost less to step up to the larger equipment than using the cheaper equipment for longer. 

I’ve mentioned that this venue will be where our leading information comes from and today will be a first for us. This has not been announced anywhere yet:

We are going to be selling our JCB 8018 mini excavator. Auction site prices for something similar have been averaging upwards of $15K. I’ll let it go to anyone in the group for $12K. 

Looking ahead, want to watch me stumble through my first live video feed? I’m going to try 10am next Tuesday. This will be on our FB page for Roseburg Rental. The following Tuesday I’ll be at The Rental Show in New Orleans and will probably be running one or more from there too.

Real live phone people

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