Sunday, February 25, 2018

What the Property Brothers told us in New Orleans

The Property Brothers (really the Scott Brothers, but you know the media, AKA the Property Brothers on HGTV) told us this in New Orleans this week.

“One of the biggest mechanisms for growth are relationships,” Jonathan said. “That’s why we’ve always said to become a community leader. Be a face in the community. Get involved in the community and all of a sudden, that will funnel business back to you. It’s good, not only from a social platform, but it’s great from a business platform.”

I couldn’t agree more and think it is good advice for anyone trying to grow their sphere of influence. 

It is also one of the favorite parts of this business for me. 

The resources you provide by doing business with us allow us to engage and facilitate a lot of great projects around town. Frequently, where volunteers gather to build, clean or repair something in the community you will see our equipment there, and sometimes even us.

As our customer, I hope you realize you play a role in that. 

If you choose to step it up and get more hands on with a volunteer project that requires equipment, don’t hesitate to email here. Just hit reply, and let me know what your working on, I’ll see what equipment we have that might be able to help. 

That brings us to our Friday Special for you on this list. (If you are reading this on our blog you’re too late, get on our email list to receive these when they come out. The link is on this page under social media links)

Ryan says we are looking good on tractors for this weekend, so we will offer a tractor rental for the weekend for the 4 hour price.

Same as last time, that is the Tractor only, no trailer, no damage waiver, bring it back clean and full of fuel. Only offered to the folks on this list. Not on our email list, not going to get this price. First come first serve, one only. Pick it up Saturday morning, bring it back by 9am Monday, don’t put more than 4 hours on it (additional hours on the meter will be billed at the normal hourly rate). 

The safest way to make that happen is to call 541-492-RENT (7368) and make the reservation. You can’t email me here (I’m still in New Orleans!). 

Good luck!


Real live phone people

Roseburg 541-492-7368

Myrtle Creek 541-863-4385

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