Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Preventing unexpected equipment rental expenses

In the rental business it is one thing to save money using your time wisely, but one of the big fears is additional expenses. Lets talk about how to prevent them.

The top 3 reasons additional money will added to a contract;

Returned dirty or low on fuel
We’re not asking you to hand wash the equipment (we do that each time it comes through), but we do need you to leave your wood chips, mud, or other debris at your site or stop by a wash facility on the way back to the shop. This additional cleanup time isn’t included in the rental rate. We send the equipment out full of fuel and it should come back the same. 

Damage from incorrect application of the equipment
Our stump grinder is a good example. It is engineered and does a great job tearing up stumps (wood fiber), but will succumb to rocks and dirt in a hurry. You wouldn’t put your lawn mower blades or chainsaw into the dirt, the same holds true for the stump grinder. Those teeth are quite expensive and we won’t cover premature wear because it was used to grind rocks and dirt. 

Pushing equipment beyond its intended use
Some folks will come into this with the mindset that cheaper is better, not considering the wear and tear that happens when you push something to hard. It doesn’t work out well if you rent a cheaper mower but have to pay for replacing a belt because you tried to mow grass that was too tall. We have mowers engineered specifically for tall grass. They cost a few more bucks but are much more robust and do a lot better job. The same applies to much of our equipment. 

The easiest thing you can do is spend a little time discussing your project with the counter person and once the best equipment has been chosen, getting to know the equipment better. 

Along that line, we’re working on adding more user manuals and video’s to our website to make that easier to do from the comfort of your own home. Again, since this is just starting up, if you know your going to be renting something soon and don’t see the video for it, shoot me an email and I’ll put it to the front of the list.


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